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Female representation in computer games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Female representation in computer games - Essay Example The essay "Female representation in computer games" discovers the Images of Women in Computer Based Gaming. The game World of Warcraft allows the player to create their own representation, but most of the females and males have sexualized representations that engage the user in very real objectification of the human form. In a discussion of the theories proposed by John Berger, the nature of the consumer to art can be seen through the examination of the art and imagery that has been developed in the gaming world. The nature of gaming is such that it creates an alternative space in which female and male objectification is engaged so that not only is the concept of the human shifted into a different space, the actions that are taken as representations of heroic are placed within the sexual fantasy space. Images that are used for gaming are representations of contemporary art, created through different mediums used for different purposes. Most of it is created through computer generatio n, but there is a great deal of art that is done through the traditional medium of canvas and brush with either oils or acrylics. These pieces are used for promotional value, although computer generation of images has advanced to the point where artistically rendered work is very similar to that which used to require canvas and paint. As an example, Fig.1, Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 are a female and male characters from World of Warcraft, rendered artistically as an emotive piece which is intended. to engage the consumer by creating envy. Berger discusses the role of envy in glamour, the nature of plying the consumer with attributes of a representational figure that can never be achieved, thus maintaining an envious connection which is never transferred to the consumer. La Grange paraphrases Berger and states that â€Å"The imagine themselves transformed by buying the product and envy this transformed self. In effect, the publicity image has lowered the spectators’ self-esteem and of fers it back if they buy the product† (8). Gaming literally offers the experience of becoming the enviable figure, the consumer able to manipulate the actions of the character, achieving goals and setting a course through that image. Berger discusses the way in which the identity and the self are interlaced with the concept of ownership and envy. In owning a thing, the desired effect is to have become the representation of how that thing creates the identity of the self. In owning something, there is never a pay-off of real happiness, but a movement towards acquiring the next thing. La Grange states that Berger proposed that â€Å"The individual is trapped between what he is and what he would like to be† (9). In choosing what to buy, the individual seeks to find happiness, but because happiness cannot be achieved by the acquisition, the individual is essentially powerless. In some ways, gaming fills this gap as the manipulation of the image that has been chosen becomes an extension of the self, the individual placed within the space of the game as that image and acquiring through the choices that are made about the actions of the image. La Grange explains the relationships of the ownership of art as it is relevant to the identity. She states that through Berger, it can be seen that â€Å"oil painting celebrated private property; it expressed the idea that you are what you have†

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Walls Icecream Parlor Essay Example for Free

Walls Icecream Parlor Essay Wall’s came to Pakistan in 1995 establishing the Wall’s factory on Multan Road in Lahore. Fully equipped with state of the art machinery, the Wall’s factory is a standard of hygiene and technology in the region and has become synonymous with quality. In 1998 Wall’s acquired Polka, a local ice cream manufacturer. Some of the most popular brands loved by the masses were linked to Wall’s making an irresistible combination that few could refuse. Key facts about Wall’s Pakistan: * Wall’s is the market leader of the Pakistani Ice cream market. * All Wall’s products are Halal and are made with Halal ingredients in a Halal compliant manner Ice cream is made from milk, fat and sugar. These are cooled as they are mixed, then whipped to create a light, airy texture. Flavourings, fruit or chocolate are added then the whole mixture is frozen again before packaging. IDEA: The idea is to open an ice-cream parlor under the brand name walls. Ice Cream parlor is a unique opportunity.walls is a very well established brand in Pakistan and will surely have its name in ice-cream parlour. The ice cream parlour will not only give products but also excellent services. The features would be quality, quantity, a lot of flavours plus an additional flavour and sugar free ice creams. They would be at low price compared to competitors. The future plan will be to start a van service in twin cities for consumer’s convenience. Our goal would be to penetrate the market and make good customer relationships by providing great quality and taste. Potential: As already said hat walls is a established and well known brand having many loyal customers so definitely it will be successful as there are so many loyal people to this brand they would love to come and enjoy ice-cream at walls parlor having different kind of atmosphere as well as different types of ice-cream.

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Black Panther Party Essay -- Black Panther Movement Radical

What comes to your mind when you think of the mission of the Black Panther Party? Do you even know who the Black Panthers truly were? Well, the fact is that many people do not the answers to either of these questions. It may be due to the fact that the history text book failed to go into the Black Panther Party in detail as they did in many other great historic revolutionist and revolutionary events. In the following essay I will be discussing the journey of Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, the founders of the Black Panther Party, showing the events that took place in their lives. I will also be discussing what the mission of the Black Panther Party was in their stand to make the government accept the responsibility poverty in urban communities in the United States and abroad. By the end of this paper you will surely know what history text books failed to discuss about the Black Panther Party. The date is February 17, 1942, in Monroe, Louisiana; this is the time and place where a future revolutionary is born. His name is Huey P. Newton. He was born the last of seven children to Walter Newton and Armelia Johnson. When Huey was three years old his family picked up and moved to Oakland, California. It was in Oakland where Huey would grow up and learn from many life changing situations. As acknowledged in Revolutionary Suicide, written by Huey P. Newton, he grew up on the East Side of Oakland in a below-standard neighborhood where he got into countless fights and built up a temper that he would carry throughout his life. (27) In the eighth grade Huey P. Newton attended Woodrow Wilson junior high school where he first learned how to fight not only to protect himself but also to protect his dignity. When Huey P. N... ...n the Bay Area would crack down on and the Black Panther Party would be over quicker than it was started. Huey P. Newton knew the law from studying it the entire time he spent in college and in jail. He also knew that all the cops would have to have is for the Black Panther Party members break one tiny law to take them down so they had to be smart with it if they wanted break the law. The cops began to stop the Black Panther’s vehicles on the street and look for and violations. Huey P. and Bobby Seale made sure that all the vehicles were clean, hence, the cops never found any violation. (H,P Newton 122) During the routine traffic stops the cops were usually met by Panthers who were willing to comply in the search. Unless they pulled over Huey P and Bobby Seale who continually pulled their guns on the cops after the cops pulled them out on them. (H.P Newton 123)

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Foundations of Online Learning Essay

We are in an age where electronic devices have consumed our lives. You can’t even think of leaving your home or office without some kind of electronic gizmo. Think of how these electronic devices and technology have changed the way we think, computers and portable devices are doing all the thinking for us. Students today rely on these gizmos and have forgotten about the core fundamentals of learning and are not learning the basic skills. As you read through this research paper I will cover electronics in today’s schooling, lack of penmanship, social bearers, and online schooling. Walk into any school classroom today and they are filled with laptops, projectors, smart boards, and other electronic gizmos. Schools are relying more and more on technology to teach our students. There is nothing wrong with technology, but have strayed a way of teaching the basic fundamentals of spelling and writing. Computers today have embraced our classrooms with kids becoming accustomed to them in everyday life. Between September 1984 and September 1997 alone, the number of computers in America’s K-12 schools increased to more than 8 million units. By 2014 it is expected there will be over one billion computers available to students worldwide. In 1994 only 3% of schools had internet access, by 2005 that number had reached 94% and the ratio of students to instructional computers with Internet access in public schools was 3.8 to 1. Even with all these high tech gadgets, children still having to go to computer labs or the back of classrooms (Budig 2010). Books are starting to become a thing of the past as schools look to laptops, tablet, and eBook computers. Tablet computers allow a student to digitally write and erase their work, while allowing a student to also use it as a computer to do word processing, view books and search internet. A laptop just allows a student to do word processing, view books and the internet. Over the last couple of years a new device called an eBook has taken over. It is allowing schools to replace classroom books with one device, the average eBook can store over 160 books saving schools millions of dollars. California spends over 350 million annually on schools books and is looking to eBooks which cost only 300.00 (Tran 2009). Today kids are turning in their pencils for keyboards. Penmanship is starting to become a lost art as schools teach less writing and focus more on computer keyboarding. In 1995 adults were resorting to printing instead of cursive to make their correspondence understood. As of 2002 only a quarter of 12th grade students could write a decent essay. Even worse only 2 percent wrote really well (Brush 2011). In Canada children in first grade are expected to compose and edit simple text documents. By the third grade they are expected to type an email. â€Å"If it’s keyboarding vs. penmanship, I think penmanship loses out, just because of the packed curriculum. It’s something that you need time to do,† says Susan Whelehan, an elementary school teacher in Toronto (Schmidt, 2005). Students are relying more on computers today to do the work for them and practicing penmanship less. Social media and video games have taken over our lives and kids are interacting less with each other. Fifteen years ago kids would play outside and use their imaginations, today they sit in front of a TV or computer. On average 2-5 year old spend 32 hours a week in front of TV while 6-11 years old spend 28 hours (Boyse, 2010). According to the â€Å"Kaiser Family Foundation that for more than 7 1/2 hours a day, American children ages 8 to 18 are tethered to computers, plugged into MP3 players, watching TV or playing video, computer or handheld games — and for much of that time, doing several at once† (Healy, 2010). With all that time kids are also turning to sites like Facebook and MySpace. These sites are causing kids to stay in front of a computer which they are losing interaction with children and causing social barriers. Online learning has taken over the classroom with its flexibility to teach students. Schools have come a long way from the slide shows and reel-reel video, today they have turned to Computer Based Training (CBT) and Multi Media. In 2004 it was estimated that 37 percent of school districts had students taking technology-supported distance education courses. Today over a million high school students are enrolled in some kind of distant learning. CBT training has become a standard in training students from reading to math and has been very effective. CBTs give a student a fun way to learn without them knowing it. Flexibility is the key with CBTs. If students are having trouble in one area the program can focus more, if a student is excelling it can push the student harder. CBTs have become a great assessment tool for teachers and allows them more flexibility. Another great tool in the classroom has been slide shows and smart boards. Years ago teachers would print material out on transparencies and project them on screens. Today teachers can build slideshows which provide more detail and flexibility. When you incorporate a smart board this allows the ability of interaction with the slideshow. Over the past 20 years our learning environment has seen a complete over all. We demand information at our fingertips and on a moment’s notice. Electronic devices fill our daily lives from social media, information at our fingertips, and having them do simple tasks. We have become a nation that wants things easy. Our lives are disrupted if we can’t check Facebook every minute of the day. With that technology has done great things for our schools but has hindered some also. Students are relying on computers to do everything for them and we are losing key elements of learning. Penmanship, spelling, and grammar have been lost to word-processing. Teachers are being replaced to Computer Based Training, but with new technology changing everyday you never know what maybe robot teachers is next! References Schmidt, S. (2005, January 22). Keyboard threatens writing skills: For next generation. The art of cursive writing may be a dying one. The Gazette. Retrieved from Budig, G. A. (2010, March 31). Technology an integral part of today’s education system. Retrieved from education-system/ Tran, M. (2009, June 09). Arnold Schwarzenegger to scrap school textbooks in favour of ebooks. Retrieved from Brush, D. C. (2011, September 06). Penmanship becoming a lost art. Retrieved from Boyse, K. C. (2010, August). Television and Children. Retrieved from http://crossville- Healy, M. (2010, August). Teenage social media butterflies may not be such a bad idea. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from

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Peeta Vs Gale Comparison - 1588 Words

Peeta vs. Gale Comparison Essay â€Å"What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred, I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad out losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.† - Katniss Everdeen, Mockingjay The truth of this statement is exemplified throughout the entire series of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The narrator and main character is rebel leader Katniss Everdeen, who finds herself in the middle of two men who both mean a lot to her: Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne. Gale Hawthorne is a tall, handsome, strong young man who†¦show more content†¦Gale is a strong-willed, stubborn, short-tempered boy. Peeta is a sweet, sensitive, yet strong and able-bodied young man. The two have very little in common, besides the fact that they both have strong feelings for Katniss. However, their differences definitely outweigh their similarities. The three main differences are their personalities, the way they care for Katniss, and their relationship with Katniss. The first reason Gale and Peeta are different is their contrasting personalities. Gale is risk-taker, a hard worker, and a sense of security for Katniss. He is a very strong-willed character who has a raging hatred f or the Capitol and the games. Gale has always had a stubborn streak and gets jealous very easily. Ever since Katniss went to the games with Peeta, Gale was somewhat jealous and hostile towards Peeta. However, he had to make sure that keeping Katniss’s family alive when she was away was his main priority. Peeta, on the other hand, is a little bit softer at times, but he is still extremely strong in a physical and mental sense. He proved this while training for the first games by throwing a 100-pound sack of flour right over his head. He showed emotional strength by recovering from the worst kind of brainwashing imaginable. Peeta is also remarkably caring and sacrificial. Ever since the beginning, he was willing to do anything for Katniss, whatever the cost. All Peeta cared about was keeping Katniss safeShow MoreRelatedThe Hunger Games And Catching Fire1900 Words   |  8 Pagesand Catching Fire on the issue of poverty? In Americas modern society we have bountiful resources to help those living below the Federal poverty level and the poverty threshold used by the Census Bureau (Federal poverty level; based on cash income vs the total wealth, is used by the US government to define those living in poverty, while the Census Bureau calculates total wealth, is for statistical purposes and count towards help from social security, workman’s compensation, veterans payments and

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The Egyptian Mummy Mask - 895 Words

The Egyptian Mummy Mask from the early Roman Period is unique and beautiful in every way possible. This mask that is on display in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is about 3 feet tall to about 2 feet wide. This certain piece of magnificent art is extremely detailed with intricate designs covering it all around. The Museum of Fine Arts makes it easy to pay attention to, because of its detail and how the mask is displayed. The Mummy Mask has it’s own small alter with a spot light shining down on it creating dramatic shadows in a very dim room. The decorations include inlaid glass eyes, a gold leaf and is hand-painted and gilded glass. This mask is not paper machà © like the masks that were made in this era; this Mummy Mask had been created out of cartonnage . The Egyptians decorated this masterpiece with bold vertical and horizontal lines representing rows of beads to go along with the story it tells. The Egyptian Mummy Mask from the first half of the first century A.D illustr ates a gaze of innocence and acceptance while looking into the bright future of whom the mask was made for. Perfectly painted images covering the mask tell a story of the traditional funerary practices and the after life Egyptians believed in. Egyptians would create these pieces to fit over the heads of the lost lives wrapped inside the mummy. The mask represents the deceased transformed into a God . Although the face of the mask is idealized and emotionless, the decorations say and express more than aShow MoreRelatedThe Discoveries Of Ancient Egypt Essay1045 Words   |  5 PagesAncient Egypt is a land full of mystery and wonder, from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the mummies, it has always been a fascinating place for anthropologists and archaeologists alike. The pyramids are so fantastic that people still have trouble believing that mankind could have constructed it, and people come from all over the world to gaze upon it in utter shock. The mummies have also always been a h ot topic for tourists since it is such an unusual burial technique. Archeologists have studiedRead MoreA Student Of Art History Survey1506 Words   |  7 Pageshow it organized the different works of art from different cultures. Therefore, it was not hard to find four different works of art which I was definitely impressed, and I picked four works of arts from four cultures: Chinese, Greek, Indian, and Egyptian. When walking through these fascinating exhibits, I truly enjoyed my time with them, and this trip will surely be one of the most memorable trip I have ever done. 1. Figure â€Å"Pair of Lokapala,† China, 618-907 CE This figure â€Å"Pair of Lokapala,† whichRead MoreEgyptian Religion and Immortality Essay1395 Words   |  6 Pages The most noticing aspect of Egyptian religion is its obsession with immortality and the belief of life after death. This sculpture can show you this on how mummification gave upbringing to complex arts in ancient Egypt. The sculpture is the Mummy Case of Paankhenamun. The artwork is currently viewed at The Art Institute of Chicago. The sculpture was from the third period, Dynasty 22, in ancient Egypt. However, the sculpture has many features to it that makes it so unique in ancient Egypt from anyRead MoreMasks Of Deceased Persons : Ancient Egypt792 Words   |  4 Pages Masks of deceased persons are part of traditions in many countries. The most important process of the funeral ceremony in ancient Egypt was the mummification of the body, which, after prayers and consecration, was put into a sarcophagus enameled and decorated with gold and gems. A special eleme nt of the rite was a sculpted mask, put on the face of the deceased. This mask was believed to strengthen the spirit of the mummy and guard the soul from evil spirits on its way to the afterworld. The bestRead MoreThe Life Of Michael C. Carlos Museum1373 Words   |  6 Pageshealing. Many of these people became shamans or healers because it was believed that if they had the power the heal themselves, they could heal others as well. The African exhibit had pieces from mostly from modern day. The oldest piece I saw was a mask from the late 1800’s, and that wasn’t when it was discovered or brought from Africa, but when it was made. It kind of surprised me to find such modern pieces in the exhibit because most of the pieces were several hundred if not thousands of years oldRead MoreEgyptian Mummies and the Afterlife1051 Words   |  5 PagesAncient Egyptians had a strong belief in preserving the body for the afterlife in hopes of achieving immortality. Part of this preservation was to protect and identify the body by painting or carving pictures, hieroglyphics, and symbols on the coffin. One very good example of this is represented by the ‘Mummy of Irethorrou in Coffin.’ This coffin, made of wood with polychrome, is adorned with hieroglyphics, symbols, and a portrait of the Egyptian priest. It was found in a cemetery in Akhmim, andRead MoreThe Curse Of The Pharaoh1618 Words   |  7 Pa gesreal in the sense of being caused by scientifically reasonable causes such as bacteria or radiation. Yet, the modern origins of Egyptian mummy curse stories, their developed mainly in European cultures, the shift from magic to science to explain curses, and their changing uses from accusing disruption of the dead to entertaining movies. However, most people think Egyptian curses are mainly a cultural, not completely scientific, occurrence. There are rare cases of genuine ancient curses appearing insideRead MoreAncient Egypt : The Greatest Civilization Of The Past863 Words   |  4 Pagessurvived three millennia before falling to the roman’s control. Egypt is most known for its pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and its’ polytheistic religion. The Egyptians answer to the terrible question â€Å"Why are we here?† The Egyptians believed that they were to spend their lives preparing for their afterlife as seen through their literature, architecture, and burial ritual s. Furthermore, The Egyptians most famous preparation for the afterlife is easiest seen through their architecture. The early kingsRead MoreThe Egyptian Kingdoms And Ancient Egypt932 Words   |  4 PagesThe history of the Egyptians included their geography and religion, the Egyptian Kingdoms, their life in the Ancient Egypt, and also their accomplishments. The Egyptian Kingdoms included the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. The Egyptians’ lives in Ancient Egypt included their society and their daily lives. Some of their accomplishments were writing, education, art, and science. The Nile River was in the heart of Africa. It is the longest river in the world with a length of 4,000 mile, 6,436 kilometerRead MoreThe Discovery Of Being Mummified Essay1047 Words   |  5 Pagesintruders come in to look at it they die. If the intruder gets caught stealing the tomb they would be whipped, tortured and some got their hands chopped off. Then they were executed by being burned alive or being impaled on a stake. The ancient Egyptians also attempted to deter tomb robbers by a pharaoh’s curse. During the 1st Dynasty human and animal sacrifice played a role in the funeral rituals. Males were depicted with reddish-brown colored skin reflecting odor pursuits whereas females were

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Social Statification Summary - 995 Words

Social Stratification Summary Social stratification is the division of large numbers of people into layers according to their relative power, property, and prestige. It applies to both nations and to people within a nation, society, or other group. Social stratification affects all of one s life chances from the access to material processions to their position in society to their life expectancy. Although they may differ as to which system of social stratification they employ, all societies stratify their members. The four major systems of social stratification are slavery, caste, estate, and class. Slavery is defined as a form of social stratification in which some people own other people. It has been common in world history with†¦show more content†¦By dominating their society s major social institutions and, thereby, controlling information and ideas, members of the ruling elite are able to socialize other group members into accepting their proper places in the social order. Marx believed the elite maintained their position at the top of the stratification system by seducing the oppressed into believing that their welfare depend on keeping society stable. Gerhard Lenski suggested the key to understanding stratification is based on the accumulation of surplus. Depending on the political climate and resources available to those in power and those who are ruled, the stratification system is maintained by various means. This means include controlling ideas, controlling information, controlling technology, and the use of force. Of all methods, the use of force is the least efficient. Stratification is universal, although the methods for stratification vary from culture to culture. Two examples of how stratification differs are illustrated by social stratification in Great Britain and the former Soviet Union. In Britain, the most striking features of the class system are differences in speech (including accents) and education. In the former Soviet Union, communism resulted in one set of social classes being replaced by another. The nations of the world can be divided into three categories, using the extent